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An individual living being that recognizes legal as a fictional instruction or process that requires consent / contract agreement / or proofs of agreement in order that it be applied to the living being / individual.
Question from business or court> "Who are you?"

Free-man-on-the-land answer> "I am the son of and a living free man on the land"


"I am a mother / sister / daughter of and a living being and freeman on the land"

A PERSON'S answer> "I am *stating their given name as being who they are* (fill in the blank)

A PERSON is intestate and fictional property / idea / thing.

A Freeman on the land does not agree to be fictional property, but holds it as his own property that none have power / jurisdiction over it without consent, which is seldom, if ever granted since it usually involves damage to self / conviction of mental illness / without power to govern self and requires knowledge that will not be sought.
by $aint Jorge May 04, 2011

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