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It's not your home, it's not a hotel --- its the HomeTel.
Most commonly used to describe a temporary living arrangement in places like a Residence Inn / long term rental
Hey, why don't you guys come over and watch the game with me in the HomeTel???
by $ Bill April 02, 2008
Often used in conjuction with a request or demand for someone to do something for you. Instead of doing it yourself, find a "go boy"
Douglas: Hey Grant, pick up those toys in the backyard
Grant: Nu-uh, I'm not your go boy!
by $ Bill April 18, 2008
"It is what it is"...Giddee up...

shizzle - fizzizzle >> most commonly used in response to "Hey what's up with that?" - one would resply Shizzle Fizzizzle -- So, It is what it is...
Hey Erin / Amy - Why do we always do what they tell us to do??? Ans. Shizzle Fizzizzle (So, It is what it is...)
by $ Bill April 02, 2008

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