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1 definition by #it'snotasecretanymore

To lie to such an extent that it not only becomes humorous, but also brings the "roalders" intelligence into disrepute. His lies are only surpassed by the inversion of his penis... Its literally concave. roalders are also self proclaimed sex gods who are irresistable to ALL celebrities, packing that 32' porksword.
Nathan: "Dude didnt Pierre invent GPS?"

Dave: "Na bro he is totally "Roalding" you..."

Rick: "Hey bro, did you know Pierre killed 3 guys with a wheel spanner"
Anthony: "Dude he is a total Douche-Lord he is pulling a THICK 'Roald'"

Rene: "Hey girl, I met this fugly guy today... but he is so sucessful he owns an IT company in England, Invented GPS and sold his retinal scanner for millions"
Amber: "Girl I met friends of that guy, he is just a Roald"
by #it'snotasecretanymore July 09, 2011