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1 definition by #YouCan'tForceUsToGiveAFuck

Between the hours of 0800 and 0900 on ship, the ship's XO forces everyone to clean, sand and paint the ship's pways despite the fact that the ship is 20-30 years old and broken down; this time of ridiculousness is what is called happy hour. Most military members rock out to tunes of their choosing during happy hour because alcoholic beverages and prescription drugs are not available, and it is hard to endure cleaning the same shit every fucking day. Some ship XOs go so far as to host, "happy hour competitions," to rouse military members to compete against one another, despite the fact that when you do the same thing everyday it is technically not a competition, you fucktard.
Dude, did you see that chick cleaning at today at happy hour? I'd totally bang her in a fan room, dude...
by #YouCan'tForceUsToGiveAFuck April 05, 2011
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