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1 definition by #1StreetGang

F.A.G.S. is an acronym for the Fearless American Gangster Society. They are a street gang originally based out of Illinois. They have been officially ranked the #1 toughest street gang, by other street gangs around the U.S.

The leader said they have beaten a lot of people up for making fun of their acronym.

Despit their acronym, this gang has a tough repuatation as "the last white street gang," as leader Special K said.

Although they only recruit white members they claim not to be racist. Second is command, T-Bone, said "There are no white street gangs unless you are a racist. We are not. Most of the gangs in America are either black or hispanic. Myself and Special K felt there was a need for a gang for white males to feel safe."

F.A.G.S. has been accused of many murders and accused with many

disappearences, but there have never found evidence to support these accusations.

In 2008, the F.B.I. performed a drug bust on leader Special K's house. They found nothing. Special K filed for charges against the F.B.I., but dropped them a week later. In an interview he said, "You can't sue the government. If I had, they may have found something in my house," indicating the F.B.I. may have been planted drugs.
Jim: "Who are those guys?"

Rick: "Who?"

Jim: "The white boys in those pink and yellow shirts."

Rick: "Oh, that's F.A.G.S."

Jim: "FAGS?!! What kind of name is that for a gang? ahahahahaha!!"

*turns around*

Jim: "Rick, where'd you go?
by #1StreetGang January 26, 2011