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1 definition by "dlb" aka Lee Lauron Reyes

1.) Unique form of self-expression involving both personal fashion concept and musical taste comprehension.

2.)Describing something fashionably out of this world.

3.)Something that someone is wearing that they transformed for the better.

4.)How one makes their outfit speak of thier personality

The word Funkulous was created by a Vancouver based designer; "dlb", The creator of FUNKULOUS_APPAREL, and Boutiques'; VISUAL GRAMMAR.
1.) Relating to the culture of "street" fashion.

3.) A mixture of High Fashion, Vintage & Urban Street wear

2.) Pertaing to how one accessorises with what they're wearing.

3.) How one speaks of themselves through the language of thier clothing. "Visual Grammar"

a.]Jeremy Fish, Sam Flores, Justin Bua & Gwen Stefani

b.] eLKARtEL, Tila Fashions, L.A.M.B, Stussy, BoxFresh, Full Circle, Lifestyle Nike's, Heritage Adidas

c.]"The Japanese fashion scene is Funkulous!"

by "dlb" aka Lee Lauron Reyes December 07, 2005