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Alternative is whatever you define it as. Whether you see alternative as emo, punk, goth, stoner,( which are all just pointless, ignorant, stupid labels made by stupid people who cant use thier brains to think for themselves ) doesnt matter. A person may dress "gothic" but that doesnt make them goth. They are just being themselves.And that is what being alternative means- being yourself, and not letting others tell you how to act and how to be. Being alternative means that you are yourself, and that you dont label yourself as anything. The people who say " I'm Goth" or "I'm Punk" arent really so.

Leave the stupid stereotypes and get with the real picture. Let people be who they want and live their lives. Alternative , in simple terms, is just being yourself, being a little different and out there occasionally, and just being your own person. And by the way - even if someone appears to be the stereotype of something - goth jock punk emo whatever - they can still be alternative. Its your personality - not your looks - that makes someone alternative.
Ignorant Fool - "Hey look at that kid. He's wearing black clothes and eyeliner. He must be some gothic fag!

( Fag is another word that all the idiotic, small minded, judgemental ignorant people use to put down homosexuals or anyone different to them. And by the way, there is nothing wrong with homosexuals. They are living people, just like everyone else, and should be given every single right that heterosexual people have.)

Alternative Kid - (In Response) " Hey look at that kid. He's using stereotypes to judge me just because I dont behave like an immature moron or look like he does - he obviously has no idea what alternative means! I wonder if he has any idea how ignorant and stupid he sounds right now ?"
by "Mizuti" July 04, 2006
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