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The act of covering up bodily noises by purposely making a covering noise in order to mask the uncontrollable sounds.
Person 1: dude, I just had the best-tasting meal that was so bad for my digestion. It was a zero calorie dinner and now I'm body-ventriloquizing in order to cover up (fart stomach growl)...Wow!!! did you see that bird...holy smokes that was cool

Person 2: oh man, been there done that
by !nnovator September 24, 2011
When someone's mind is so consumed with going pee that everything else that one thinks about pales in comparison.
Oh man, we were on a road trip and we were like four hours in and I needed to go soooo bad; it was all I was tinking about.

Tinking out loud sounds like:

1) Is that a rest stop up there?
2) Can I get to that tree...looks like only a couple feet of stinging nettles?
3) I shouldn't have had the 64 oz slurpy!
4) How long until we're there?
5) Too late.....ewe
by !nnovator September 30, 2011

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