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2 definitions by !eLLe!

snukm r blessed coz were all gorgeous n luvly ppl look at ur fuckin name fuckin craig davids album pml y try it

ur jealous we kno who u r we kno where u live u beta fucin b careful k?
oh yer n notice how it says ALL wen dey wana sing da snukm song yer dats damn rite muthafucka every1 wnts 2 sing da snukm song cept u u sad biatch!
elle n saz n loz r snukms 4eva dnt forget joshua!

cum say dat 2 da snukms face yer? well ave 2 wrds 4 u 'NAUGHTY snuk!' den u get smackd bottom n u will cry k!
by !eLLe! August 14, 2003
s gorgeous m8 who is bst mates wiv lozzie and sarah!
elle and loz 4eva AND snukm
by !eLLe! August 20, 2003