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A girl who's beauty is so breath taking , that it can light up the dark night. A girl who's smile is so contagious that it can spread to millions without a fight. She is Arpine. She is the one who is the smartest, the calmest, the one with the most will and more. She is the one who can spend hours at the gym, or weeks without it and still look awe-inspiring as an angel, infact, she is a decendent of one. Her heart is a big as the one who loves her, as large mountain, as warm as the sun and as potent as the arms that hold and protect her with endless omnipotent strength. She will inspire you, give your strength and love you as her own. She defends what is hers to the death. She is Arpine, and is loved by the one and only. (A & J forever)
The cold dark world which became brittle after people's lack of will and the search only for instant gratification became warmer as Arpine swept through and filled the lonely hearts with power in every beat. The days followong Arpine only got better.
by !Joe! November 18, 2012
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