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A system within which fairness and merit is despensed with in favour of empowering idiots.

As Plato pointed out - the people do not always know best, even what is best for them (in the same way a small child doesn't!)

Current democracies feature governments with the support of a minority of the population and a bias towards those who form the majority and so therefore have their every whim pandered to on the basis that it wins votes.
Tony Blair's slightly less than popular government.

The UK system of doling out benefits to those too lazy to work, but who still vote.

by !!Jesus!! November 08, 2005
A more violent strain of chav.

Fond of ending sentences with Blud, or Bruv and occasionally Brer.
Some pikies mugged my little brother!
by !!JESUS!! November 08, 2005
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