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known for its stereotypical rich, white and druggys. but i do not agree thats the case! like yes some familys may have nice cars, but that does not make u rich. maybe its just an image they r putting out. everyone at greenhope, all they care about including the parents, is what others will think of them. they still have the ghetto's, punks, outcast. you name it. they probably have it. if u really want to know what its really about then look at it!! i go there. not everyone does drug. and if they start to, they either started cuz they wanted to be part of something or had nothin else to do! and then there are the preps. they try soo hard to look so perfect and get there nails done every weekend. its all an act!! they want perfect grade and then think thats the way a good GH student should be like. its all an image. we r not all rich. they just want u to think that. they will buy A&F clothes..and all that stuff!! does that mean ur rich?? cuz u have good clothes??well i may have good clothes ..but im not rich. i just moved and there is another world. i went to a diff school and there standards are way higher than that. they have prada bags and we have bera bradley.that shows u...dont think ur the hott shitt!! so if i can describe GH in some words..yes they think they r all that. than u should stop. u may think u have the hottest hookups and the hottest girls..but inside those girls there is only makeup and lost souls in my opinion.
kelly:OMG!!! im wearing the same shoes today..they prob dont think im rich anymore..do i look ok when i walk in the hallway..i hope they dont think im fat!!
lindsey:omg!! ur deff cute kelly..and we need to tell ppl that we do drugs ..so we seem cooll!
kelly: OMG yes DEFF!!! i dont want them to think im innocent girl!!!
by !!!!wouldnt u like to know June 23, 2005

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