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to do anything and everything possible to save one's school/university semester that one is about to fail big time.
mother: George, you're failing your last year in high-school. Is there anything you can to save your sinking Titanic?

George: Lol. no. I think it's a little late to do anything about it now. I should have listened to you and partied less.
by sexydimma October 29, 2012

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a ) (adj): similar in personality traits to Donald Trump

b) (adj): arrogant and narcissistic

c ) (noun): an ardent supporter of Donald Trump
IMHO when Louis XIV said l'etat c'est moi (I am the embodiment of The State), he showed himself to be a true trumpian, in all 3 definitions a), b) and c).
by sexydimma December 15, 2016

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(verb): doing something cheesy, playing unfairly- against someone (does not apply to obtaining special cheat codes for 1 player computer games).
stop cheesing me, you noob
by sexydimma June 18, 2013

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An adjective used to describe a person's handwriting, but a penmanship (handwriting skills) so horrendously bad that it is even worse than that of, hence the name, a chicken or turkey from the local farm.
a boy brings a hand written essay to his father, for his father to look over and help him correct it. The father looks at it and says:

father: son, i am sorry, I can’t read your bloody (used as an expletive here) handwriting. Who in the world taught you to write in turkey-chicken scrawl anyways?. Please go make sense of your own writing, re-type it for me on a computer, print it and bring it back to me, and then I’ll help you.

Son: okie dokey, no problem.
by sexydimma January 01, 2012

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A term invented by Megyn Kelly of Fox News to denote all the media hype and buzz surrounding Donald Trump at the 2016 presidential.
Trump-a-paloozza is good not only for ratings but also for non - establishment politicians.
by sexydimma October 22, 2015

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all the education, business savvy, know how and skills that the person has acquired through personal experience, outside the official public education system and outside the family setting (without being taught by family members).
boy one: who do you think Donald Trump is more likely to hire at the end his show The Apprentice, is it someone who is school-smart and possibly Ivy League educated, or someone who has more street-smarts?

boy two: Dunno. we'll have to watch until the end of this current season of The Apprentice and find out.
by sexydimma July 27, 2012

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what a porchdog does when they have anger management issues
since porchdogs dont understand how to deal with their anger constructively, they may find some sort of release in a trump tweet attack; however they only make pundits out of themselves, and shouldn't be considered intellectual equals
by sexydimma September 30, 2016

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