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A disease that was created in a lab funded by The former Govener of California himself. The symptoms of this disease are the following:

Cynical assholeness
Constant fear of Chuck Norris
Burning of the ureathra when urinating
Sores on the genatilia
Genital Warts
Low Blood-sugar levels
Epileptic Siesures
Love of Stephen Lynch
Hate of Michael J fox
Low Insulin Levels
Enlarged Testicals or Mammary glands
GUY1: Dude last night i got type 2 gonna-herpa-siphil-aid-beties (T2GHSAD)
GUY2: Your mom really is a whore isnt she?
Guy1: HAHAHAHAHA...... Yeah. I hate my life.
by oh no rook behind rou October 21, 2011

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