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One who supports Jewish Nationalism.
Jane is a zionist, she supports the cutlure of Isreal.
by Joe Nath May 28, 2005
Learn to spell the word right, its "Zionist".

Anyway, a Zionist is a person who supports Jewish Nationalism and hates it when Jews are persecuted, not keeping in mind that more Arabs were killed due to Israeli acts of terrorism in the last 20 years than any number of Jews killed since 1948.

Basically, a racist.
I am a Zionist and I like to bomb women and children
by Saajid January 24, 2004
Actually, Zionist. A term which signifies the Jews' right to live on their land, in Israel, after being brutally slaughtered by Arabs and Europeans.
"Zionism is our only chance for survival. We must leave in peace with our neighbours, and bring prosperity to this area."
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
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