sugar buns is when a woman, only a woman has FAT, JUICY, HOT, MOUNTAIN LIKE, JELLO, FOAMY, AND GASSY ass cheeks!
Guy 1: "Damnnn! I need that girls sugar buns in my bed."
Guy 2: "three somme!"
by Kat Woman Sugar Buns April 09, 2011
Teenage girl with nice butt. Can refer to the girl or the buns themselves.

This girl prefers skittles over m&m's and also believes in 4ft tall ravens from japan.

Despite those things this girl is the coolest cat that anyone knows, big history there, called me puppy sometimes...
Man i want to tear up those Sugar buns...

Hey Sugar buns, your ferret is in the mail

Look at those Sugar buns wobble!
by Wolverine#1 November 13, 2011

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