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The obama Economy. Bad Economic conditions. Economy hostile to business. Bad economy. Stagnation in the economy due to tax and spend liberal policies. Fascism. Tax and Spend government in the way of private growth. Government take over of the private economy.
Economic disaster that comes with socialism Oconomy. stagnation, liberal economy, socialist economy, obama economy, obama depression, tax and spend the economy to death. fucked up economy, fascist economy. crap and treason, cap and trade.
by keep change leave dollar alone February 03, 2010
An economic system built by Barack Obama to crash free enterprise economics and crush market forces in favor of a "from the top down" restructuring of a country into a welfare state.
By printing trillions in new currency and changing voting rules in order to pass massive entitlement programs under the guise of "healthcare reform" that have no hope of ever being funded, President Obama's new O-conomy can destroy the free markets and start to transform the country into a new era communist state where the government controls all critical needs of the people- Which he thinks is good as long as his party is in charge, because they know best... because they say so.
by mja2001 August 18, 2011
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