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Like bisexual or heterosexual. The trend of Mac users to hang around with each other, discussing about their Macs and what they can do, which has now taken the proportions of a new sexual trend.
Guy 1: Dude, did you see Jake yesterday? He ignored that hot chick who was staring at him and instead preferred to talk with a total stranger about their Macs.
Guy 2: Alas, I think Jake is becoming a Mac sexual.
by PanagiotisSk March 08, 2009
A metrosexual type male, who was once a PC fanatic, who jumped on the modern day bandwagon and now owns a MacBook and an iPhone, or iPOD. This type also dismisses the popularity of the PC and commonly refers to any Windows based device as junk.
After his manicure and some shopping for 4VOO skin care products, Jeff stopped at the Apple Store and bought a MacBook and an iPhone after speaking with the salesperson for over an hour about how shitty PCs are. What a macsexual!
by cndnheat December 22, 2009