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Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop game called an RPG(role-playing game). Dungeons and Dragons(D&D)is arguably one of the greatest role-playing games ever created. The game taps into the endless imagination of one's own mind and that can give anybody the power to do anything they wish as long as one can imagine it... The main premise of any role-playing game is to assume a role of a character in the story being told. Of course, that is a very succinct version of role-playing games(RPGs)in general.
The lengthy version is a plethora of gaming intuitivness as this game allows you to;
1. Do anything you want.
2. Be anyone you want.
3. Do it with whomever you want to do it with.
4. Live any way you want to live.
5. Be the greatest hero in the story or the most vile villain.

Any action or event can occur and does quite often. All the Dungeon Master(DM) is responsible for is placing the Player Characters(PCs) into a situation or environment and the player characters use their minds, wits, items, spells and weapons or anything else they can find, borrow or steal to get through that situation or event. If successful, they find wealth, fame and fortune as well as a rise in personal wisdom, dignity and self worth. All good things. If they fail, then they may lose eveything including the character's life. The game's main goal is to basically become the most powerful and successful that one can be...not unlike real life. Like real life though you can experience all the joys, happiness and hope of successfully reaching your goals as well as the pain, sorrow and despair of failing to meet your expectations. One game could take quite literally years to end and within that time your character could get married, have children,establish a home and a community or conquer the known world...the sky is not the limit with this game. You can easily travel to other worlds or known planes of existence, you can experience the light and awe of the various planes of good and righteousness or peruse the darkness and fire of the many planes of hell among many pantheons of any culture.
The diversness of races, classes and abilities are not limited in any way. As long as one can imagine it...it can be.
Truly a visceral, educational and limitless experience and I believe everyone should take a spin as their favorite hero or villain. As long as you retain the perspective that even though it is a game that can lead you to extraordinary places and events and awesome heights of grandeur and fame...it is still just a game.
Created by the infamous Gary Gygax Dungeons and Dragons has endured many decades of success and growth and still continues to prosper as the leading role-playing game on the planet.

Dungeons and Dragons has produced some of the world's greatest tales of adventure and heroism...all written by the people who play it.
~ The only limits of the mind are the ones that you yourself impose. ~
Unknown source on the game Dungeons and Dragons.
by ~ Spartankonin ~ May 25, 2007
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