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n. pl. Dead teeth

A tooth that, after many years of neglect and submission to unfathomable disgusting shit, has turn black and is beginning to rot and chip away while still remaining visible and somehow attached at the root. The tooth always belongs to a foul, uncleanly, relatively uneducated whoreson.
That asshole at work always comes in smelling like a freight train of shit. He may also be the most unintelligent person I know, I guarantee he never brushes his teeth and he has one hell of a nasty DEAD TOOTH floating around somewhere in that cesspool he calls a mouth.
by zoyreigler April 13, 2011
v. - Acting like a boss hog. Trying to be more than what one really is. Typically the actions of a stinky assed fat fucking truck driver who is telling fabricated and outlandish stories of their importance simply for hearing themselves speak or seem more relevant than what they really are.
Brah, Fat Tyrone is really boss hogging down there on that forklift while he tells everyone what to do.

Fuck me, Maghead Mike sure thinks he is one bad motherfucker when he is boss hogging around in front of that stank ass slut he is tryin to hump up on.
by zoyreigler April 13, 2011
The act of a foul, rotten individual with a decaying dead tooth, placing his or her skanky fucked up tooth/teeth near or on one's drink or food.
Aww fuck boss, that fat filthy fucking nigger just smelled my tuna sangwitch. He got so close to it with his repullsive shitty fucked up tooth, that motherfucker is dead toothing all over my shit
by zoyreigler April 13, 2011
n. - The acronym of dead tooth used for convenience when speaking in the presence of a filthy fucking animal of an individual possessing a dead tooth.

v. - DT'ing

-Placing one's dead tooth near someone else's delicious food or item and thus ruining that person's meal and typically their entire day.
Charles- "Hey Ted, when Ron was all shitfaced last night did you see him DT'ing all up on your girls pussy in the club?"

Ted- "Well fuck yo, if Ron had his DT all up in my girl's buffalo gums, I c'aint eat that shit for weeks, blahhh!"
by zoyreigler April 13, 2011
n. - 1. typically imitating a move or action widely accepted as a common physical act done by an individual that smells like an 1800's shithouse. Generally touching one's gentiles while simultaneously rubbing one's nipple and disgustingly flicking one's tongue crudely.

n. - 2. a generally upstanding 'cool' individual, accidentally or naively acting in a manner common to that of gherkin-wristed cockpeddler. In short, acting like an asshole you know would act.
Wow! Colonel Tushfinger that sure was a funny ass boss move when you jumped on that stack of lumber and acted like that pussy waffle truck driver Ron.

Hey Larry, I know you are my best friend and all, but that sure was a boss move when you made my mom finger blast your shit box and got caught by my dad.
by zoyreigler April 13, 2011
n. - A person believing that he or she and their actions/opinions are relevant or pertinent in the eyes of their peers/coworkers, when in reality they are just a disgusting repulsive shit head (hog) and everyone typically bitches about and makes fun of them behind their back. Typically one who has the demeanor of a truck driver.

v. - see "boss hogging"
Dude, Garth thinks he knows so much and loves feeling important in front of new employees. He is such a fucking boss hog.

Man, Dave needs to get back to driving his stinky ass box truck and stop trying to be such a boss hog!
by zoyreigler April 13, 2011

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