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Hands down the biggest group of immature faggots on the game of RuneScape. They claim to be the best pvm (Player Vs. Monster) clan in the game yet have nothing to back it up with. They are huge rivals with quite possibly the real #1 pvm clan in RS, Pro S Only, or PSO. Whenever Zer0 gets hut down by a clan like PSO, they resort to accusations of cheating by the victors. Even though they are a large clan, they still seem to get owned by clans half their size. They are also probably the most hated pvm clan, because their members consist of 13 year old fags/43 year old pedophiles who flame and troll at every opportunity possible. All in all, the largest group of queers to enter the game of RuneScape.
RS Player #:1 "Hey did you hear about that corp war between zer0 pvm and pso?"

RS Player #2: "Yeah man, pso fucked zer0 up."

RS Player #:1 "Yeah I figured that would happen, zer0 of course said pso cheated."

RS Player #2: "Obviously, those fags always have an excuse."
by zer0pvmlikesdick August 25, 2011

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