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1 definition by your mommmms mooommm

A place for the following:

-Having the time of your life.
-sucking on wood.
-Dying at band camp.
-Getting called fatt.
-Laughing at cheerleaders.
-Hoping cheerleaders fall.
-Laughing when they do fall.
-Offer to help them up then make them gag on a reed.
-Dancing like a freak.
-Stuffing the small sweet clarinet player in a tuba case.
-Stealing the french horn players popcorn.
-Making your director a hair bow.
-Laughing at your directors girly pink shirt.
-Getting sent to the choir room for laughing at your directors girly pink shirt.
-Wearing funny hats.
-Getting out of school to play at McDonalds.
-Buying pictures of Babys as sunflowers.
-Making fun of the guy who yells "focus!" every 2 seconds.
-Being fatt.
-robbing gas stations.
-Singing stupid songs to the top of your lungs.
-Sticking your tounge out when playing.
-Being cursed out.
-Talking illegal pictures.
-Playing in dirt.
-Laughing when the suck-ish flute player runs track.
-Getting your ear drum busted by the piccolow.
-Getting rained on.
-Running away from the sax. players.
-Wearing bows.
-Talking about having letters on your teeth.

-Such much more.
Guy- See those fat people suckin' on wood?

Other guy- Yeah, they should gag.

Guy- Their in band.
by your mommmms mooommm May 16, 2010
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