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1 definition by yoginiposer

OK we get it. You have a yoga butt. You can kick most women's asses. You're fit and not fat like most of us. You are a paradigm of evolution, capable of enduring grueling physical work. In primitive days such ability could have meant the difference between life and death in the hunt or in combat. We don't live in primitive times.

Yoga butt is indirectly influencing evolution. Lululemon is contributing. They want to wear them all day, make it more acceptable in casual and even work environments. They want to show their ass-kicking rumps. They can distinguish themselves to men. They get the promotion from the boss who sees commitment to hard work. If they are self-employed they may get more customers. So the theory goes.

Its an important issue for women. Consider what is gained and possibly lost when butt-kicking yoga bodies are posted on the the internet. Women must weigh not only health risks, including risks related to childbirth, but also the moral implications of striving for such an aesthetic.

Maybe promoting yoga butt on the internet like this removes a roadblock to proper evolution of the species and allows for more transparent signalling. What about women's well-being in general? Is this removing one of the cornerstones of societal cooperation and physical restraint?
So what if she has a yoga butt and wears lululemon? Just because she's hott does not mean she's better. Yoga is not about competition but enlightenment.
by yoginiposer June 12, 2011