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2 definitions by ynoterdep

When arguing with someone and the other party distracts the topic by resorting to appeals of emotion, belief and other logical fallacies.
The conversation gets caught in a loop. As it reads on the back of a shampoo bottle at the end of the instructions...rinse and repeat.
"X must exist. I just saw a poll that says 90% of all Americans believe in X."

"99% of everyone once thought the world was flat. They had no evidence and were proven wrong by people who sought the truth."

"X must exist! If X did not exist, then the world would be a horrible place!"

"You'll be able to move on. Its only in your mind that X influences your life."

"I acknowledge that I have no argument for the existence of X. However, I have a great desire for X to exist. Therefore I accept that X exists."

"This is like arguing with a shampoo bottle. You're stuck in a loop of rinse and repeat."
by ynoterdep June 08, 2014
The learned behavior or reflex to rewind DVD, Blu-ray or other digital media after years or decades of using VHS, tape and other cassettes. Instilled by VHS rentals requiring rewinding of said media before returning.
Movie is over. Resist your VH Reflex and turn it back to TV.
by ynoterdep June 02, 2011