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Sursum Cora Cooperative is a public housing complex located in Northwest Washington DC. This place is infamous for its open air drug markets and murders. It has it's own police station for just the complex, packed with corrupt metro police officers who could care less about shit. This area was hit hard by the 1980's crack epidemic that it has never changed since. It will be torn down by 2014 to create Northwest One a mixed income area perfect for robberies now that the rich people will live next door to some strait killers. That is if all goes as planned. Incase your interested in visiting it is bounded by North Capitol Street on the east, First Street NW to the west, K Street NW to the south, and New York Avenue NW to the north. They serve anybody at anytime in the Corda. Real Talk.
(guy 1): lets go to Sursum Corda Cooperative.

(guy 2): Man last time I went I got stuck up and a cop was parked in front of me and didn't do shit! Fuck that place!
by yOUnngin Joe July 06, 2008

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