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Lower moreland is a small city by Philadelphia, near Bryn athyn. It consists of all white people, and a very few amount of blacks that are highly respected or they kill you. The girls mostly wear Uggs, hardtails, northfaces, and have their hair straightened. The guys have their hair spiked or really long "skater" hair with their pants down low. This is all wrong because they are all white and jewish. LM kids really think they are cool and will trash anyone before they know them. No one knows about LM from outside that city. Most kids would only want to get it for the education, never for the people.
Kid #1: Hey, what school are you in?

Kid #2: Yo Homie i go to lower moreland, thats where its at.

Kid #1: Sorry
#lm #lower moreland #murray avenue #pine road #wigger
by xxsmileyfacexxx April 03, 2010
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