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Self-destruction of a computer component or other electronic device, which is caused by the failure of electrolytic capacitors which were manufactured by a Taiwanese capacitor manufacturer of the same name.
"My computer motherboard just committed fuhjjyu."
by wtfmang March 21, 2009
A derogatory term describing, and very useful for offending, vegetarian/vegan persons who insist on pushing their beliefs onto other people.

A granolawhore is typically highly pretentious, less than educated on their beliefs (they'll often say that humans can't actually digest meat, and similar nonsense) and is completely oblivious to the fact that the person they're talking to doesn't care about their opinion.
granolawhore: "Why are you eating that? Meat is murder!"
you: "Quiet, granolawhore."
by wtfmang May 29, 2010
Possessing the creativity to solve any problem while using the minimum possible materials, cost, and regard for safety.
Bob didn't have a long enough ladder to get up on the roof of his house, so he lashed two ladders together with rope to make a long one. He's trailer smart.
by wtfmang January 23, 2012
Excessive perfume, as worn by a homosexual or metrosexual male.
Jeremy strutted down the street, full of effeminate swagger, leaving a trail of gaygrance behind him.
by wtfmang December 11, 2011
An unrewarding, unenjoyable, demeaning job with no career advancement path at all. You work a whorejob because you need the money, not because you enjoy it.
Working at the cellphone accessory kiosk is such a whorejob, I can't wait to find something better.
by wtfmang August 26, 2013

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