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3 definitions by word life

Some fruity cat lover..i mean..like...wats this kids deal..? HOOPTY HOOP WHAAAAAA?
cangao is a button eater....HOOPTY HOOP WHAAAAAA?
by Word life January 24, 2004
some game cube head fruitcake. always makin old ass jew jokes..everyone knows hes a jew and a gaylord...i mean whats this kids deal
Yuman isn't a Jew?!?!?! HOOOOPTY HOOP WHAAAAAAAA?
by word life January 30, 2004
Big Pun along Billy Danze and Lil Fame (the latter two comprising M.O.P.) are new york giants; a head and shoulders above the industry, the game, new york, and the world.

Possibly inspired by the football team of the same name.

The song appears on Pun's posthumous album Yeeeah Baby
"New York giants
Leave 'em brainless!
Hit 'em with the stainless!
It's the world famous!"
by WORD LIFE February 23, 2005