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A communist that actually is not a dick (like the winning majority in history have been), thinks you can only have communism if it is based purely on rational human self-interest and desire, and would rather not have a revolution at all than have one that leads to something worse than you started with. A person who wants communism without MarxISM or any other "persons-name-ism".
"My best friend is a libertarian communist -- he reads Noam Chomsky but doesn't call himself a 'Chomskyan'."
#libertarian #anarchist #leftist #worker #working class hero
by word bird June 09, 2009
Fascism is a response by right-wing capitalists in a given country to any kind of broadly powerful working class mass democratic and libertarian social movement.

In many Western and Latin American countries (as well as some in Asia) the right tries very hard to seem like it is nice and friendly and about freedom -- until working class people are finally fed up with them and their constant exploitation and desire to control everything -- and then the right gives money and support to fringe political parties or supports right-wing generals in the military that say they will smash the workers movements. This leads to a fascist society.
Fascism was effective at supporting ruling class capitalist interests when (Mussolini, Franco, Hitler, Pinochet, General Tojo) crushed the workers movements in their respective countries.
#capitalism #exploitation #boss #racism #authoritarianism
by word bird June 11, 2009
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