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2 definitions by wookiecookie26

A word over-used by artists, interior decorators, and McKenzie Childs lovers too cowardly to say "fun, crazy, eclectic, amusing, child-like & fantastical".

This term is heavily pushed by the art academia world describe objects or styles that are fun and fanciful in a higher-than-thou way.
Art student: This piece is fun, engaging, and reminds me of playfulness. The circles in the center are very bouncy and vibrant.

Professor: Whimsical, you mean.

Art student: Huh?

Professor: Use "whimsical" or else no one in a gallery will give you a second glance.
by wookiecookie26 August 04, 2012
When both you and another car facing you need to make a left hand turn at the exact same time on a street and no one uses their turn signals. Usually involves fake starts, flashing your lights, and the unfortunate accident.
Tom: Why aren't you going? She flashed you.
Dave: Nope. It's 2:30 and this soccer mom is faking me out. Watch.
Tom: Huh?
Dave: It's another Left Handed Stand-off.
by wookiecookie26 July 30, 2012