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noun - the erroneous bullshit of a script for a movie when doing dailies. Bruce Willis coined the phrase and uses it when shooting films when he gets rid of the unwanted dialogue or actions.
Kevin Smith: And then Bruce Willis was looking at the script for scenes 4 & 8 and goes, 'Chuffa. Chuffa' and starts ripping out page after page. ... I'm shocked and I ask what's Chuffa? And Bruce says, 'Chuffa's chuffa.' So I go, okay, I really don't know what "chuffa" is. What is it? Then he says, 'It's "Oh, what a nice picture. What a cute dog. Where's the fucking bomb?" It's that bullshit that slows down the entire movie.'
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by wookiecookie15 January 29, 2011
Roughly around 15,000-ish people, this upper peninsula city in Michigan is full of yoopers. Also called "Sewage Ste. Marie" and is surrounded by small towns or townships such as Rudyard (Garbageyard), Pickford (Hickford), Brimley (Buttley), and, to the south, St. Ignace (St. Ignorant).

Most people from the surrounding towns come to Sault Ste. Marie for social reasons and shopping... though there isn't much to do in the Sault, other than bowling and going to a movie.

The main bars & pubs, as of 2010, are seedy, full of high schoolers, and Canadians on Saturdays. You always run into the same cast of townies week in and week out.
Twentysomething from Pickford: Hey! Let's go to sault ste. marie because we're all tired of shoveling snow and staring at cows.

Other Twentysomething: Damn. Are we that pathetic to haul ass 15 minutes in the snow for more snow and a bowling alley?
#sault ste. marie #michigan #yooper #snow #snowball
by wookiecookie15 January 29, 2011
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