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The odd numbers on a computer's keyboard; a definition only someone with no life would submit to Urban Dictionary
Chuck: "13579."

Larry: "Good for you, you can count by odd numbers. Now shut the fuck up, homo."
by wnywenke December 24, 2009
An actual place near Portville, NY where a large family with the last name of Wenke gather annually for a family reunion; known as the biggest reunion in the entire state due to attendance always being in the hundreds; such events include a pig roast, a sawdust pile filled with coins and candy for kids to dig up, a rain truffle with ice cream in it for kids, a Chinese auction, random barbershop songs about being drunk and German at the same time, and a DJ at night; founded by Rich Wenke in 1954
I can't wait to go to the Wenke reunion up in Wenkeville this Labor Day weekend!!!!
by wnywenke May 03, 2010
Something Barack Obama promised in 2008, but has apparently given up Hope on doing so.
Change We Can Believe In??? Fuck that motherfuckin' shit!!!
by wnywenke January 25, 2010
A gesture meaning "your dick". The gesture is made with your thumb and index and is aimed at the receiver in a "U" position, and it represents the length of a small penis, therefore making the gesture an insult; especially funny to use when you're driving down the road and you see some douche bag you hate, so you honk the horn and give them The Gunnat.
Adam: "Hey, isn't that Luke walking down the street?"

Christian: "Yeah! Oh my God, he's such a fuckin' douche, he fucked my girlfriend last week and got her pregnant. God I hate that piece of shit!"

Adam: "Dude, give him the gunnat!"

Christian: (Honks the car horn and gives Luke the gunnat) "Hey, fuck you!"

Adam: Ha ha ha ha, he's such a faggot!"
by wnywenke December 24, 2009
A small piece of poop; y'know, when you're pooping and little pieces come out gradually at a time? Those things are buttnuggets.
I keep on shitting out buttnuggets, I wish I could be man enough to shit a big honker out, that would, like, so totally rock.
by wnywenke December 24, 2009
something old people say when they are completely befuddled, in pure amazement, or just don't know what the fuck is going on
I just got a new Volkswagen last week and it broke to pieces. Gee whilikers!
by wnywenke January 07, 2010
The male child of your bruncle or aunster. Your bruncle/aunster is the result of one of your parents having a child with any of your grandparents, and the son of your bruncle or aunster would be your couphew; your brother or sister's son is your nephew, and your aunt or uncle's son is your son, making the end result your couphew.
My couphews Tommy and Dylan are so adorable when they swing on the swingset, my bruncle Stewart must be so proud of his two sons.
by wnywenke December 24, 2009

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