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A versatile term coming from A Separate Peace, a homoerotic book literally defined as the action of pushing one another out of a tree.

Jounce can also be used as a generic expression of disapproval/rejection, or to mean breaking a commitment.
Gene jounced Finny, causing him to break his leg.

Joe: "This is gay, we have to read A Separate Peace for English."
Jeremy: "Jouncin'."

Jeremy: "WTF, you never showed up for StarCraft last night."
Joe: "Yeah. Sorry I jounced you guys last night."
Jeremy: "Rick Astley would never have done that."
by wilywyrm January 29, 2010
A portmanteau, containing a shortened form of "calculus" and the word "douche".

Refers to one who openly and condescendingly flaunts his/her higher placement in mathematics courses to others. The term is most appropriately used when one's higher placement is not determined by greater competence or skill, but instead by having taken summer courses for earlier credit or to skip the comparatively larger amount of work in the real class.

A more general form usable with other subjects consists of the construction:
(shortened subject) + douche.
Jeremy: "Do you know about limits? What's the derivative of 3, trig boy?"
Josh: "God, Jeremy, you're such a calcdouche."

Common variations include "chemdouche", "biodouche", and "trigdouche".
The usage of a general subject not linked to a year-long course is frowned upon, such as "scidouche", "mathdouche", or "engdouche".
by wilywyrm January 30, 2010
The whiteish liquid obtained by Trevor masticating in the locker room. A critical flavoring in Trevor Vanilla flavor ice cream, it is the only known priceless substance with a limitless supply. Trevor vanilla smells terrible but tastes great. The anti-chocolate, it glows brightly.
Raynor: "Oh shit, my flashlight's out of batteries."
Jeremy: "That's ok, we can just get Trevor to give us some trevor vanilla."

Ben and Jerry's: Now available in Trevor Vanilla!
by wilywyrm January 29, 2010
Observed in A Separate Peace.

The phenomenon of how a hot metro guy can turn another guy of questionable sexual orientation gay.
Gene was a victim of the Finny Effect.

Joe: "Where's Mr. Brown?"
Jeremy: "He was fired for proposing that the Finny Effect be taught in Physics."
by wilywyrm January 29, 2010
1. (Noun)
A child who is physically handicapped from birth.

2 (Verb)
a. To vomit or otherwise spew out bodily fluids, usually blood, through one's mouth.
b. Can be used as an expression of disgust or disapproval. Usually accompanied by the sound of gurgling or retching.
The Scarlet Ibis is a book featuring Doodle as a main character who doodles.

Jeremy doodled after masticating on some bad sausages last night.

Joe: WAT? We have a vocab quiz on this crap?
by wilywyrm January 29, 2010
To feel around one another's body, usually in a sexual, suggestive, or sometimes pedophilic manner.

Originates from A Separate Peace.
Joe: "That's horrible, why would someone touch a little girl like that?"
Jeremy: "Yeah, I'd hate to be finagled. It's worse than that time I had to doodle."

Jeremy: "I'd finagle that."
by wilywyrm January 29, 2010
To put off something until the last minute, most commonly seen using a classroom assignment as the object.
Jeremy was joshing his english paper by procrastinating.

Ms. Smith: "Your report is written in crayon and has coffee stains on it."
Jeremy: "Sorry about that, ma'am. I joshed it."
Ms. Smith: "Is that blood on the edges?"
Jeremy: "It's tervor vanilla. I was hungry."
by wilywyrm January 30, 2010

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