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1)When one male gives another male a piggy back. 2)To pick a brutha up in times of crises. 3)Being there for your fellow man. 4)Opposite of Wiggy-Back.
"Hey man, I know you're having a bad day-would a miggy-back around the block cheer you up?"

"It's miggy-back monday!"

"Who wants a miggy-back?"

"Oh man thanks for the miggy-back, I thought for sure the boss was gonna lose it!"
by willwrigley May 03, 2010
1)When one female gives another female a piggy back. 2)To lookout for a sista's best intentions. 3)Opposite of Miggy-back.
"It's wiggy-back Wednesday!"

"You and John broke up? DO you need someone to talk to or a wiggy-back?""
by willwrigley May 03, 2010
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