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A small town in jerseythat isn't as nice as haddonfield but not as shity as audubon and collingswood.since there is nothing else to do everyone parties. the high school is alright and its always gossip about what happened on the weekend and whats going on the upcoming weekend. the kids of ht get high everyday,and get drunk with keystone light everynight. no matter what the other surrounding towns think ht goes 10x harder than them. haddonfield kids poop on pianos,are 3 beer queers,and always puss out of fights. audobon kids all want to drink, but normaly fail to have a party and when they do they suck cock.haddon heights has weird girls that r never attractive so the parties suck.in ht if u dont drink ur weird and have no friends. ht owns keystone light and is the best party town in south jersey.
guy #1- any parties going on tonight.
guy #2- in haddon township obviously,i have heard of 6 kegers goin on

get fucked up or ur gay
by will out drink you November 28, 2010

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