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A man who abruptly yet skillfully bangs out of an awkward situation with a clingy girl who is down-to-fuck.

In very special situations, the Gingerbread Man parting theme can be sung as the getaway is made.
"Remember What's-her-face asking me to walk her home last night?"

"Yeah, how'd that go down?"

"It was great. We were at her door and she was shuffling her keys like a monkey begging for coins, and I pulled a Gingerbread Man before she could say another word."

"Holy shit, dude. She must've said some messed up shit on the way to her place."

by wilkkliw October 11, 2010
The initial journey taken to a party or other miscellaneous house celebration, as opposed to the trudge back home the following morning.
"My toga and bowling shoes were pretty pimpin' on the walk of fame to the Frat Party, but I looked like a Renaissance faggot walking home in the morning".

"True, but a backpack with a change of clothes would've drawn the attention of the cops".
by wilkkliw October 15, 2010

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