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The incorrect spelling of the word Impermanence.
TITLE: Update #11: Impermance

BODY OF TEXT: One of the founding concepts of the Woven Voices project is the Buddhist principle of impermanence. Nothing lasts forever. The fragile hand woven prayer flags made of paper, thread and yarns are meant to decay, unravel and release their messages of love and peace as a symbol of impermanence.

spell check anyone??
by wickedmonkeydesigns December 29, 2011
The the correct spelling of the incorrectly spelled "impermance"

The term expresses the Buddhist notion that all of conditioned existence, without exception, is in a constant state of flux.
A: you know how to spell the word Impermanence correctly
B: you have mad skills with spell check
by wickedmonkeydesigns December 29, 2011

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