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1-When a turd-like entity stays longer than is required or wanted, usually brings the mood down.

2-To be unwanted ,but stay around.
Dude,I wanted to go to sleep except that douche stayed after all of my other party guests left,what a Mubarak.

Joe got drunk and then Mubaraked the bar last night, even the ugly girls didn't want him around.
by whohitya February 08, 2011
To implant a thought in a another person's mind with the aim of having that person commit a predetermined action or behavior.

Inception is similar to the Jedi mind-trick;however, it is subtler and is usually done in several steps.

The target of the inception, as with th Jedi mind-trick, is usually not as smart as the inceptor.
I had to inception Mary to get her to breakup with me. I began the conversation by telling her that she wanted to break up with me...But three weeks before that I asked her why she didn't seem like herself.
by whohitya January 24, 2011
Used to describe erratic or despotic behavior of a controlling nature.
My girlfriend wants me to text her whenever I go anywhere without her, such a gaddafi.
by whohitya February 23, 2011
A large ogre-like being with minions, which prides itself on journalistic integrity and possesses the ability to consume snacks.
Aboulenein will come to your house to lecture you on the differences of the uprising versus the revolution while eating your snacks.
by whohitya May 22, 2011
ISGD! An abbreviation of the phrase I said good day. Used

to punctuate lengthy diatribes of an often political, albeit nonsensical nature, posted on social networking sites.
Barack Obama rlz! You don't like hm cuz ur a racist. End of discussion. ISGD! i said good day!

There will be no more talk on this issue, I am opened minded! ISGD!
by whohitya November 23, 2010
An attempt to ambush someone which backfires humiliatingly in the face of the scheming person.
Did you see how Hosni tried to hate on Joe in front of those girls last night.

Total Egyptian jailbreak, his fly was open and the girl started laughing.
by whohitya February 09, 2011
UDED or Urban dictionary editor delay is a specific type of editorial dysfunction (ED), which Urban dictionary editors who sit on a definitions often suffer from.
I totally wrote the first definition of...but it got delayed due to UDED.
by whohitya March 11, 2011

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