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Okay, well, indie kids. first off, let me tell you how different the are from emo and scene kids. like, 20295823 miles off. emo kids are crying dark kids that didnt turn into indie kids after the early 2000's. (most indie kids were originally the 1990s emo kids, but thats a completely different definition than the new wave emo kids)
scene kids are rainbow wearing, makeup smearing kids who stick it to people unlike them, or slightly like them.
okay, so indie kids. i guess ill define them descriptivly if you want:
of course, they listen to indie music, consisting of bands such as of montreal, owen pallett, casiotone for the painfully alone, and more bands that you've probably never heard of. more popular bands they listen to are the shins, the decemberists, bloc party, and of course, the beatles, david bowie, and talking heads.
a mistake people generally make is comparing the personality lineaments of emo kids to indie kids. emo kids are depressed and want to cut themselves. indie kids are quite the opposite. yes, they are only human, so of course they get sad sometimes, but indie kids usually have an upbeat look at life. their music is usually happy, so that most likely has an effect on their moods.
indie kids mostly consist of liberals, and i have never ever seen a republican indie kid. they dont only hang out with indie kids though, but it is a nice plus to them to have friends that appreciate their music, and dont listen to 50 cent.
most indie kids enjoy books (most likely classics). also have a random obsession with some country such as the UK, France, New Zealand, Japan, etc.
boys- highly fashionable, but not pretentious about it. they just like looking good. they are usually wearing either some creative outfit like red jeans and a dress shirt, or just jeans, skater shoes, an awesome graphic tee, and a jacket. hair looks like it hasnt been brushed in two days (not more than that though, they dont want to look gross). most likely no make up. if anything, a touch of eyeliner, but its not looked highly upon
girls- very pretty girls. either wavy hair or stick straight. bangs or side bangs are a must. hair can be randomly crimped too. it looks really cool. boots are worn, but rarely to school. flats and converse are for school. jeans are worn, usually straight leg, not skinny jeans. pretty shirts and jackets are worn, along with a little bit of jewelry. oh and headbands. dont ever forget headbands. makeup is not overdone.

basically, indie kids are misunderstood. they hate it when they are called emo or scene. they love discussing music, and love even more laughing at kids who listen to horrible music. they are usually very smart, and extremely witty. do not take it as arrogance. it is simply them expressing themselves
girl: omg i love scary kids scaring kids! dont you?
indie kid: hmmm not really
girl: why?? i thought you would have LOVED SKSK
indie kid: no not really. um, im going to go read something, then go ride in my car with my buds while we blast some arcade fire. bye see you later
by whoaa stephanie March 05, 2007
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