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1)people who have never been devoted to religion
2)people who would be a threat to civilization because they have no money or books (in the olden times before the Bible)
3)people who have never had culture, this def. is just a little joking
4)people who like to act rowdy and make lots of noise, especially when it's a set of guys at parties, or a clique of aggressive girls who look like they like to cause a little trouble (and usually show the club a good time in the process)
5)people who look like they've never been to school or something but they dress like they're in the club right out of the trendy mall, basically a certain kind of hip hop crew that likes to dance or college athletes/frat guys that go out to drink and party with their regular posse and are kind of known around and kind of like to look aggressive, drink alot and most likely seek premarital sex (duh) or at least get some digits, they tend to look a little flashy or "dress to impress" but always as a specific set of regulars at their partying (not much older than 30)
def 3 - you should get out more, you're turning into some kind of heathen. or maybe, you should read a book or something, don't be a total heathen.

def 4 + 5 - uh oh guys here comes the heathen, get ready to pour some drinks

def 5 - when i go out to party in the clubs me & my dudes know how to get the crowd going! comeback - yeah, you and your heathen! 1st dude - yeah, we know how to throw a party!

def 1 - the heathen as they were called in ancient days were not known to build idols or altars since they had no gods and were usually not significantly advanced enough to have discovered farming, architecture or music. (ok teacher, grade please)
by white spanish November 23, 2009

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