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An extraordinary amount of denim worn by someone who actually feels comfortable doing it. The shoulder to ankle attire of denim is usually accompanied by hiking boots or sales rack Nikes from JCPenney's.
Dave: No one told me it was okay to wear that much denim in one day.
Me: Aww man did Tila wear her Texas Tuxedo for dressdown day again?
Dave: I guess it's just a jean jeans kind of day.
by White C April 28, 2013
Actually a dry hand job given by the usually stingy Jew chick.
Ted: Yo did you hook up with that Schwartz chick last night?
Me: Yeah and all I got was a lousy Jewish Blowjob.
Ted: Bro I'm sorry man.
by White C April 28, 2013
used to describe anything that you want
you want that shit?, yeah we got that b roll homie.
by white C November 06, 2010

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