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1 definition by whatthefuck,se

either type of a sub human / chaser who feeds on other people for gratification.

Chris Hansen and his pervert justic team.. who prey on people.

People who are fucked up in the head and think that everyone is the same and whoever is not the same needs predatory attention.

People who blame others for something they never god damn did.

Perverts who pretend to be young to attract old males for some reason, first to make a sex, then not to make a sex. Then their "sex" they are talking about is actually some sort of code for some sort of set up.. They work with the looney bin to try to turn people the same as them in and the money is used in the illegal hospital programs to give out tainted medicine on the complete total inocence... the TV flippers.

Perverts who think they are in a pervert military trying to pick on a component who is exactly like them... or pick on someone that for some reason they are attracting.. Just to make the other person look bad instead of them. Chris Hanson likes to pretend to be the father of all the perverts who want to attract it.

People who stalk a young 7 year old for their luck art work and work her to death, thus making the tits flat by womanhood at 11 years old.

School systems who accidently steal hundreds of dollars from one town in taxes by accidently miscalculating for school taxes.
If you want to cop a predator go ahead but you will regret it just as everyone regrets that they ever got molested or raped by one.

Chris Hanson sets up a "predator" program on television as a final war of scams for what people exactly get raped money-wise with television, if wanting to click through a channel and you get that show, against your religion, a scam by the fucking devil. That is about 2 cents worth of rape right there, by stupid dumb fuck predators who can't see people are people or accept human nature.

your neighbor "Chris Hanson is so weird and I don't like him is he not a pedophile?"
you " Ya, Chris Hanson is a predator, no one likes him and his whole face says it, so why else would he talk to those gaseous predators with set ups?"
by whatthefuck,se November 28, 2011