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The Führer of the Third Reich. Adolf Hitler was Austrian, but was was important is that he was for a unified Germanic people and nation. A little crazy, and voilent, but the movement he spawned has given birth to a wiser generation of White Nationalists. Now all us Nordics, and Germanics, and Celtics, and Slavs can stand up and throw off the foerign deseases of Christianity, Judaism, and modern sado-masichistic obedience fetish consumer culture, destroy the unnatural evil of cummunism, and return to our homeland, our religion, our people and our way of life. Europe for Europeans, Blood and Soil, Arise White Bretheren, Towards the sign of the holy sunwheel, SIEG HEIL!
Adolf Hitler unser Führer
by whatoncewas August 25, 2006

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