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2 definitions by what now bitch

a girl who refers to her father as "daddy" and anyone else who gives her the shocker. a girl who only becomes popular once she has either had dirty sex with her english teacher in the confessional booth at a church, or successfully snorted three lines of coke off a toilet seat in between classes. probably enjoys beating baby seals to death with blunt objects. she considers the apartheid a "funny topic" and enjoyed it when bambi's mother was killed by hunters
Hotchkiss Girl 1: Shit, I have 2 classes in a row and am all out of coke.
Hotchkiss Girl 2: Well, do you want to purchase some more after classes then go down to the beach, snort that shit, and club some baby seals?
Hotchkiss Girl 3: That would be incredible, but I have to let My english teacher and the priest in town tag team me while mass is going on in order to pass his class.
Hotchkiss Girl 1: Well, at least coke makes us feel good about our decisions.
by what now bitch January 13, 2006
i hate Kats they're harry, they smell, and they're damn ugly too!!
by what now bitch August 11, 2003