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a bunch of people (goon or not) who just do their thang. popularized by MED.
person 1: aaahhh just a bunch of goons walkin'
person 2: i see you

person 1: aaaahhhh just a bunch of goons rollin'
person 2: i see you
by weethead April 22, 2009
rap duo from Boston founded in the fall of 2007. The name was given to them (Matt and Ed) by a drunk individual who couldn't remember their names. Matt is from Montgomery County, MD and Ed is from Rockland County, NY. Their debut album has yet to be released but they are already (basically)global due to a fantastic marketing campaign. people tend to shout their name in the streets and paparazzi take candid pictures of them all the time. They are in a gang battle against NOVA.
Lil Wayne: I'm the greatest rapper alive, besides MED.

person 1: have you heard of MED?
person 2: No.
person 3: Now you have heard of MED! and F YOU!
by weethead April 20, 2009
sauce from Popeyes. when asking employee what delta sauce is, the employee named Ms. Blue, stated that it is "delta sauce". when asked again she said "spicy, thousand island jont".
person 1: what's delta sauce?
person 2: delta sauce!
person 1: what?
person 2: spicy thousand island jont
by weethead April 22, 2009
sassy girl who will kick your ass. lucky enough to be with the greatest guy in the world. you hate her at first for taking your friend away from you but then you realize she is cool.
at first...
McSasserpants: hi guys
guys: fuck you sasserpants

McSasserpants: hi guys
guys: wat it do
by weethead April 23, 2009
any object or "jont" that is "ballin'". Mostly reffered to as cars or "whips".
person 1: aaahhh ssshhiitt look at all dis jont you got!
person 2: chyeah dat be some o dem big boy toys I just picked up
by weethead April 27, 2009
created by MED and popularized/stolen by LeBron James, it is the act of pretending to take photos without a camera. One individual pretends to take pictures while another individual or individuals make poses. This is usually performed as part of a long "greeting" between two goons during which no words are spoken or this takes place after a sports play in which the said individual tricks on his opponent. The "air camera" can be setup on an "air tripod" and set to a timer so that a group pic can be taken.
person 1: aaahhh i just crossed that sucka up!!!
person 2: air photos time!!! Pose for me!!!
person 1: yeah, yeah, uh huh!
by weethead April 22, 2009
feeling tired, fat, hungry, lazy, obese, full, sleepy, over weight, and/or unable to move. The more you are, the better. gah bah is the ultimate extreme of being fat and unable to move. If gah bah, one has the tendancy to sleep or just sit in a chair or couch and lay back and watch tv. When gah bah, one may say "gah", "bah", or "gah bah" in an exaggerated manor. The victim may druel and make incoherent noises. Food may be present on this individuals mouths, hands, and resting on his stomach.
person 1: Hey man what's wrong?
person 2: I am so gah bah omg. ... "bah!"
by weethead April 20, 2009

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