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A big, fat, butch, ugly, red-headed, freckle-faced ginger girl. Nobody knows exactly their origin but experts have hypothesized that it is the product of a leprechaun mating with Godzilla. Rarely seen; however, beware! Unlike other gingers who simply do not have souls, a gingzilla sucks all living souls from anyone within a 10 mile radius!
...and in other news, a Gingzilla was spotted today in downtown Bracebridge. Please stay in your homes. If anyone has any further information about this creature please contact your local Animal control. Do not leave your homes unless it is an emergency and make sure to bring a weapon. This is Tricia Takanawa reporting. Back to you Tom!
#ginger #fugly #godzilla #leprechaun #fat #ugly #soul #freckles #butch
by weeash July 16, 2011
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