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used 2 b normal ppl who were misuided by politicians like khomeni and shit now theyre just a plain odd people .....dunno see some ppl blame the u s fr pumpin money into these bastards but not neccesary ....take this simple test find a muslim and use the word prophet in a non religious manner and if ur still attached 2 ur head and are not the president of a country with his personal gaurd surroundin him come back 2 me.....
me:"did cha know that nostradamus was a prophet frm the middle ages that predicted the birth of an antichrist"
I*r*f*a*n:hey.........(slobber slobber) u insult me (scrathes his hairy butt)u insult prophet guy die die!
two days later....
i*r*f*a*n is declared a hero by the muslim world fr the bravery shown by him during the "holy" war against a 17 year old dude who watches the history channel
by watchoutpakiimout2getu June 21, 2006

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