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4 definitions by warm1978

Scottish janitor/groundskeeper of Springfield Elementary School, with with thick accent and bushy eyebrows. Famous for tearing his shirt exposing ripped, muscular torso. Lives in a shack on the school grounds, drives a tractor, often insults people he is gpeaking to.
Groundskeeper Willie: Have you got wax in your beester? I cannot fit into that wee vent, you croquet playing mint muncher.
Principal Skinner: Grease yourself up and get in there you... gruff speaking work slacker.
Groundskeeper Willie: Ooooh, good comeback.
by warm1978 July 01, 2006
108 11
In porno movies, when the camera view includes sex with the Back Of the Balls (bob)visable on the screen.
Ron Jeremy is famous for his bob shots
by warm1978 June 27, 2006
22 8
A triangular patch of hair on the lower portion of a man's back, that stick's out of his pants, its shape looke like female genitalia.
When the guy doing yardwork in his shorts turned around, we saw he had a back pussy.
by warm1978 June 27, 2006
67 92
Refers to the athlete Bo Jackson, used to describe someone who has all the potential in the world, and never meets that potential. Someone who blows it. May be an unfair association since Jackson did not blow his career (see Dwight Gooden) but was injured.
That guy is a real bojack.
by warm1978 June 28, 2006
9 65