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A full-spectrum insult. Said at anytime and anyone to a silly remark.
1. A: I think Facebook friends are phoney.

B: Why don't you stay at home more often?

2. Chairperson: any more questions?
B: Yes: The speaker failed to tell us the real secret behind his vacuous smile.
Speaker: Yes I did. Why don't you stay at home more often? Do you want me to repeat that? Oright: WDY-SAHMO?
#insult #repartee #acronymouse #banter #wisecrack
by vivaeastafrica February 02, 2011
Short for whole wide world.

In wrting to avoid spelling out the cliche. Can also be used in speaking as www is known and in this case we get a subtle variation on the original www - the internet thing.
The apocollapse is coming and it's gonna go destroy the www - yeah, the whole wide world, the world wide web, and all. Take care, you read it here, first.
#www #globe #everything #prediction #biblical
by vivaeastafrica January 20, 2011
A chronicler of events who tries to curry favour with all the subjects (people) he writes about.
1. How can you take his history books seriously? He's no chronicler - just a cronycler of the high-ups, he'll crony up to any such.

2. So you didn't like what I wrote about him, eh? Well, you'll just have to lump it, won't you, I'm not the chronicler you were looking for.
#chronicler #pseud-storian #chronic butter-upper #toady #obsequious
by vivaeastafrica November 21, 2011
Where a song is repeatedly played in a secluded room to drive someone nuts and confess. From water boarding.
When glueing him to his seat with chewing gum failed, we tried song-boarding him - his favourite Neil song. Within ten mins he went like, Ok, Ok, I'll tell you where I put the Doritos.
#song stuck blue #neil platinum #song torture #song buzz #blastfemy
by vivaeastafrica January 20, 2011
It's a continuation on the glass ceiling/glass closet idea. In eastern westernised societies men and women do come to a party together but segregate themselves in different corners upon arrival. You can see eachother but you can't cross over to meet: The glass purdah rules.
She: Bye now for a while, I've to go to my own side.
He: Look but don't cross, the glass purdah rules!
She: Looking is better than touching and thank god they don't put down a black purdah any more.
#purdah #veil #curtain #gender segregation #party rules
by vivaeastafrica June 12, 2011
Anonymity in the electronic space
Is he still attacking you behind his e-purdah? Ignore the e-nonymouse, just a rat
#e-nonymous #e-nonymouse #veil #electronic anonymity #e-brat
by vivaeastafrica June 12, 2011
A person who sends derogatory e-messages on blogsites behind the curtain of anonymity
He's just an e-nonymous person. A e-mouse even, ignore him.
#anonymouse #e-purdah #abuse #obssessive #bigot
by vivaeastafrica June 12, 2011
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