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When a friend shares with you (what he considers) sound advice, a fun activity, or deal. However, the end result turns out to be the exact opposite.
Friend: "Let's go to this expensive restaurant where there's a special right now. I have a coupon and it will only cost you $50 each!"

End result from friend: "I couldn't find the coupon, but let's order this expensive wine. What? The deal is over? Oh, looks like it's going to be $150 each. Isn't this awesome!!"

Everyone else: "Shit! We just got Fycked!!!!"
by vhjuice November 21, 2012
A pompous ass that proclaims he can do something, which far exceeds any capabilities he really has. This usually occurs in a person who has an inflated ego and has been drinking heavily. When he attempts to backup his talk, he fails miserably and is a complete embarrassment.
Oh, you need someone on your team for beach volleyball? The rest of these guys suck. I could've been on the Olympic team if I wanted, so it's pretty obvious that you should choose me. I'm your "Best Option"!
by vhjuice February 06, 2010

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